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All garage door remotes operate in one of two ways shown below.


Dip Switches - The original "old style pre 1992" garage door remotes have dip switches that are found in the battery compartment of the remote. Dip switches are the little toggle switches (pictured left) that can be set in the up or down position and must MATCH the corresponding dip switches found on your overhead motor or attached receiver box. No dip switches, and made after 1980 means rolling code! The second most important part is the frequency, it is found on the back of your remote and is labeled 300mhz, 310mhz, 318mhz for example, if it's worn off then shop by brand name.


Rolling Code - The second type of remote "post 1992" is the rolling code remote which uses a LEARN button instead of dip switches. Meaning, there won't be any dip switches in the battery compartment of your remote. On the overhead motor or gate receiver box, there will be a LEARN button that is pressed in order to program your remote to it. The last part is the frequency, 390mhz and 315mhz are the most common and are found on the back of your remote, if it's worn off then shop by brand name.

Shop for remotes by the number of dip switches or by rolling code, then by frequency.